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@psi_mistair Aug 12, 22:55

use at least 4 gallons and 3000 PSI to clean concrete https://t.co/pqkbq8jvQk

@psi_mistair Aug 11, 21:01

A cold beer tastes better in a cool patio with misting - Mariscos Playa Hermosa https://t.co/92mhGEjW6x

@psi_mistair Aug 10, 20:01

Elephant bar has misting to cool your lunch area. https://t.co/rnOKWfTMfu

@psi_mistair Aug 09, 23:47

Red Robin cool patio with misting system https://t.co/CS5z57Lqzx

@psi_mistair Aug 09, 21:04

how 3000 psi pressure washers look https://t.co/X38FmKa9TX

@psi_mistair Aug 03, 15:40

Service is required to keep your equipment running like new. Schedule service according to the hours of use. https://t.co/8aUY5is2jr

@psi_mistair Jul 29, 19:25

Cold or hot water to clean? If you have Oil use hot, dirt or mud use cold water. #cleaningwithpressurewasher https://t.co/BstQam0omH

@psi_mistair Jul 29, 18:41

What you need to know to avoid scams when installing a misting system https://t.co/4GxH8CHLBi https://t.co/Q5J22SQMUD

@psi_mistair Jul 28, 19:15

To clean faster you need to determine the pressure you need to use. This will save you time and efforts. https://t.co/o5GupJyJ2e

@psi_mistair Jul 25, 18:36

Misting System Companies Arizona https://t.co/uSJNocdfkr https://t.co/8zSD1ZmQ3O

@psi_mistair Jul 23, 19:40

Vacuum Sweepers IPC demonstration at Pressure Systems in Phoenix AZ

@psi_mistair Jul 22, 13:40

Professional cleaning equipment for sale in Arizona. Ask an expert at Pressure Systems. https://t.co/x0oUmpAUbS

@psi_mistair Jul 21, 16:35

Battery operating floor cleaners in Arizona. https://t.co/FYprYQcE17

@psi_mistair Jul 20, 14:35

Get the right size equipment to clean floors. #industrialcleaningequipment #phoenix https://t.co/jC6TfqTsCk

@psi_mistair Jul 20, 01:21

Automatic Scrubbers from IPC sold here in Phoenix. #janirotialequipmentforsale https://t.co/kbjq4UfEuM

@psi_mistair Jul 09, 14:15

Nozzle chart for pressure washers by Hydrotek. Visit Phoenix 's distributor. https://t.co/RwoioB9S99

@psi_mistair Jul 08, 16:15

Presenting the stainless steel line by H2O Hydraulics at #PSI in Phoenix. https://t.co/QxWGVBtwAi

@psi_mistair Jul 08, 00:52

Did you know Pressure Systems did one of the first misting units in the world? look at what we do now. #misting

@psi_mistair Jun 23, 18:20

Why should I install a misting system https://t.co/VNk4UvlXqB https://t.co/x7kBlY3dO1

@psi_mistair Jun 23, 01:32

Clean faster with six guns specialized equipment manufactured right here in Phoenix, Export quality! #pressurewasher https://t.co/srikfnXC17

@psi_mistair Jun 23, 01:30

Reduce the time by using the right equipment #pressurewashercleaners https://t.co/LV2P4LMTdH

@psi_mistair Jun 22, 01:36

Reduce the time by using the right equipment #pressurewashercleaners https://t.co/uQoGQSUujx

@psi_mistair Jun 21, 01:20

Washing agricultural equipment with a pressure washer #pressurewashers #highpressurewasher https://t.co/bMHRIf5HJT

@psi_mistair Jun 18, 15:15

You can wash heavy equipment with a pressure washer find the right PSI at https://t.co/ABGBnXgQFi https://t.co/EBkwbsZ2Rr

@psi_mistair Jun 18, 01:04

Heavy equipment may be washes with a pressure washer. #agriculturalequipment #pressurewashers https://t.co/mFReKtHUd8

@psi_mistair Jun 16, 17:30

Pressure washers can be used to wash agricultural equipment. #heavyequipmentwasher

@psi_mistair Jun 16, 01:17

portable skid with high pressure water blasting componentry for operation of up to 10,000 PSI #highpressure https://t.co/n3Qw8cDWAV

@psi_mistair May 25, 00:57

How can I find the right pressure washer? https://t.co/9NipEbQJaV https://t.co/a5fUay4rvO

@psi_mistair May 25, 00:32

Join our network at Alignable, we can help you with all your cleaning equipment and misting needs. https://t.co/GFn7J2Y1bV

Pressure Washers & Graffiti removal

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